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As part of our commitment to providing value-added results here are a number of proven case studies from our satisfied customers.

Auxiliary Heating Boiler

Due to the retirement of several units at a multi-unit Midwestern power plant, station heating would be available from only two remaining units. To provide additional back-up heating capability, the client wanted to add an auxiliary heating boiler.

The project's objective was to provide an auxiliary boiler that would be used as a primary source of steam in the event one of the two remaining units went down. The auxiliary boiler capacity was 40,000 lb/hr at 325 psig. The new boiler tied into the existing building heat distribution system to provide steam as necessary during restarts of the main units. Provisions were made to accommodate steam supply for building heat, coal handling and for turbine pegging steam for single unit start-ups.

Valdes initially prepared an Auxiliary Heating Steam Survey Report and Auxiliary Steam System Report. The reports consisted of a tabulation of all identified heaters and deaerator preheat requirements along with an evaluation of the various scenarios, sizing criteria, configuration options, order of magnitude costs and anticipated project schedule.

Valdes provided final design drawings for all piping, electrical, controls, HVAC, fire protection, steel stack and structural modifications associated with the installation and final positioning of the auxiliary boiler within an existing building.


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