Valdes Provides Concrete Solutions

As part of our commitment to providing value-added results here are a number of proven case studies from our satisfied customers.

Commercial BioFuel Plant

Valdes was selected to work with a proprietary Client that developed a process that converts renewable oils (such as palm, mustard, soybean, jatropha or waste oils) into a variety of green olefins, including a unique distribution of alpha and internal olefins for chemicals and advanced fuels; novel multifunctional esters and acids, including 9-decenoic acid, as well as a premium mixture of oleochemicals and advanced biofuels.

This commercial-scale manufacturing facility will begin with a capacity of 180kMT (approximately 400 million pounds) with the ability to expand up to 360kMT (approximately 800 million pounds) of products. The facility is located within a new integrated manufacturing complex now under construction in Indonesia.

Valdes provided the Process and Engineering support for the preparation of a rough order of magnitude Total Installed Cost (TIC) estimate (-10%/ +50%), including a priced Equipment List with Icarus back-up and some budgetary quotes from vendors.