Valdes Provides Concrete Solutions

As part of our commitment to providing value-added results here are a number of proven case studies from our satisfied customers.

Corn Refining & Food Ingredients Company

For more than ten years Valdes has provided continuous engineering and project services to one of the world's largest corn refining companies, a leading supplier of starches, sweeteners, dextrose and a variety of other food ingredients.

Keeping an industrial corn processing plant operating and running efficiently can be a challenge. Systems, equipment, facilities and infrastructure are in constant need of maintenance, repair and upgrade. Market conditions change, necessitating expansion or process change-over.

Valdes provides this client with a full range of on-call engineering and complete project services in support of a wide range and size of projects. Following is a list of representative projects and systems we have worked on:

  • Improvements to the Co-Products Dryer Condensate System

  • New Gas Boilers

  • New Coal Boiler Piping Modifications

  • Bag House O2/CO Analyzer

  • Bag Packing & Palletizing Upgrades

  • Anhydrous Dextrose Drum Station

  • Main Steam Header Stress Analysis & New Pipe Rack Design

  • Refining Migration

  • Building Upgrades

  • Dry Starch NaOCI Storage Upgrade

  • Hydrate Metal Detector

  • Cooling Capacity Improvement

  • 24" Steam Header Tie-In

  • Dextrose Truck Metal Detector

  • Dextrose Packers

  • Repairs to Steam Header Pipe Supports

  • Additional Franino & Germ Washing

  • PRB Coal Conversion Study

  • Corn Unloading Truck Sampling

  • Prove-Up Filter Building

  • Dextrose Optimization & Anhydrous Packaging Addition

  • Centrifuge Floor Upgrade

  • Wet Starch Regenerative Cooler

  • Replaced Corn Cleaner

  • On-Site Civil/Structural, Piping & Mechanical Services for All Units

  • On-Site Control Systems Engineering & Design Services

  • On-Site Electrical Engineering Services

  • Dry Starch Dryer Controls Automation

  • T-Bin Equipment Replacement

  • Additional Entoleter Mill & Screens

  • Control System Replacement

  • 600# and 15# Steam Line Study

  • Upgrades

  • HVAC Upgrade

  • Dextrose Conditioning Silo Transport Blower Upgrade

  • Boiler Feed Pump Turbines

  • Boiler Limestone Restoration

  • Dry Starch Conveyor

  • Carbide Lime Unloading

  • Germ Vapor Stack Replacement


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