Valdes Provides Concrete Solutions

As part of our commitment to providing value-added results here are a number of proven case studies from our satisfied customers.

Refrigeration System Relief Valve Calculations

An international chemical company needed relief valve calculations for its refrigeration systems in order to meet OSHA mandated PSM requirements. Also, the client needed to add relief headers to vent the relief valves located inside the building to the outside.

The project required Valdes to perform an on-site inspection of 67 relief valves as well as a 3D laser scan of the relief valve installations. Valdes calculated the required relief rates and compared this to the existing relief valve capacities. We calculated the inlet and outlet piping pressure drops and compared this to the code requirements.

Valdes used CADworx to design the piping relief headers and generate the piping isometrics and then prepared a relief valve summary with recommendations and assembled a book of final documentation.