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Whether the need is for a front-end study, a revamp project, a new process unit design, a utility upgrade or a wastewater treatment plant, Valdes provides the expertise and experience to deliver your project safely, on time, within budget, and in a controlled manner.


• Alkylation

• Asphalt Production & Handling

• Bottoms Upgrading

• Cat Cracking

• Chemical Units

• Coke Production, Handling & Calcining

• Compression

• Compressor Stations

• Crude & Vacuum Units

• Dehydration

• Firewater & Fire Protection Systems

• Hydrocracking

• Hydrogen Plants

• Hydroprocessing

• Light Ends Processing

• Liquid hydrocarbon pipelines (including surge analysis)

• Natural Gas Facilities

• Natural Gas Pipelines

• Oil Pipelines

• Pressure filtration

• Product Blending & Metering

• Reforming

• Relief Systems & Flares

• Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

• Separators/Scrubbers

• Sulfur Recovery

• Tank Farms

• Terminals

• Utility Systems

• Vacuum filtration

• Vapor Recovery

• Water & Waste Treatment

Case Study

Glycol Dehydration Unit Detail Design

Glycol Dehydration Unit Detail Design

The fuel gas system at a large Midwestern refinery had experienced numerous problems with leakage and fouling with sludge.

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