Case Study

Abbott Power Plant - University of Illinois


After installation of new feedwater pumps and piping at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's (UIUC) Abbott Power Plant, UIUC noticed significant vibration problems and pump operating issues. Additionally, no drawings or design details had been provided for the installation and, therefore, staff was uncertain about where to start identifying the source of the problem.


UIUC knew they would need a reliable partner to help them navigate the issues the pumps in the power plant were presenting. Valdes was able to perform a site walkdown and model the piping system in a stress program to determine proper pipe routing design and anchor placement.


By rerouting the piping and providing accurate pipe support, Valdes was able to correct the pump operating issues. Valdes continued on to provide construction and commissioning support to make certain that the pump at UIUC's power plant had proper fabrication, installation and startup of the system so that there were no interruptions in power to the university community.