Case Study

Fire Station


A large refinery was preparing to add a new fire station, but needed to first understand both current and future operations and space needs within the context of existing conditions. They also needed a long-term plan to serve the refinery's needs in terms of safety and fire department response time.


Valdes worked with the refinery to provide architecture and engineering design services to support a planning study for this new fire station, along with a Class V Total Installed Cost (TIC) estimate. Valdes fulfilled the goals required of the project, including locating the fire station in a safe location while maintaining the ability to respond quickly, improving facilities to support a modern firefighting team, consolidating firefighting equipment to one location, and providing inside storage for all equipment.


Valdes provided all documents for this planning study in order for the refinery to secure internal funding and as the basis for continued design, bidding and construction. Valdes will continue in the next phase of the project to produce a 35% complete construction document set and bid for the refinery to procure contractor bids. This work improves the refinery's fire response and, in a worst-case scenario, may save lives.