Case Study

Reformer Unit Turnaround Equipment Replacement


A large refinery needed various equipment replaced sooner than expected due to corrosion. For each of the replacement projects, there was an increasing risk of reaching end of asset life-cycle prior to the planned replacement scheduled. The replacements were originally contemplated for a future turnaround, however, it was apparent that the work needed to execute the replacements would need to be ready for an upcoming turnaround schedule.


Valdes responded to this challenge and helped the client prepare project scope for pre-turnaround or turnaround implementation and expedited procurement and replacement of various replacement projects, including a hydrotreater separator drum ($5.4 MM), gas centrifix replacement ($1.5 MM), debutanizer tower ($10 MM), and heat exchangers ($5 MM).


Valdes accomplished the design objectives and delivered timely equipment procurement support and TAR contractor work scopes for the various replacement projects so that the client met the deadlines required of the upcoming TAR schedule.