Proper control system design and application are fundamental to the performance and profitability of any facility. We provide expertise in the development of system architecture, hardware selection, programming, hardware installation and start-up assistance for a broad variety of control systems and operator interface software. By keeping current on the latest in DCS and PLC technology and applications, we are able to recommend the appropriate automation, instrumentation and controls solutions for your application.

Valdes' instrumentation engineers have experience with a broad range of control systems and equipment. We select hardware and software from different manufacturers that will integrate with existing legacy systems and best meet process control requirements. Project deliverables include complete engineering bid packages, including drawings and specifications.

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) engineering and design work is in accordance with ISA84 and IEC-61511 standards. Valdes has received ISA training on "Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis & Justification" and earned the following certificates:

ISA84 SIS Fundamentals Specialist (ISA84 SFS) Certificate

ISA84 SIL Selection Specialist (ISA84 SSS) Certificate


  • Piping & instrumentation diagram (P&ID) development 
  • DCS and PLC hardware specification, panel layouts and wiring diagrams 
  • Operator interface specifications 
  • Control system configuration and architecture layout 
  • Control system functional specifications and sequence of operations 
  • Selection and specification of field instrumentation 
  • Sizing calculations for control valves, orifice plates and safety relief valves 
  • Development of control system training manuals 
  • Marshalling panel layout and wiring 
  • Remote I/O enclosure layout and wiring
  • Control schematic development
  • Loop drawings
  • Interconnection drawings
  • Safety interlock specification and design
  • Fiber optic cable pulling and terminations
  • Instrument location plans and installation details
  • Conduit and cable tray routing drawings
  • Cable and conduit schedules
  • On-site engineering walk-downs to ensure proper installation and wiring
  • Functional acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Instrument calibration records
  • Instrument loop checking
  • Site acceptance testing (SAT)
  • Start-up and troubleshooting
  • Operator training
  • Project as-built documentation


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