Valdes' surveying and scanning services are utilized to help with existing industrial facilities that are typically congested with layers of complex equipment, piping, structural steel and conduit. In many cases, as-built design documentation and drawings are incomplete or out of date. This lack of accurate information is a challenging and costly problem to solve from an engineering and design standpoint. Recent advancements in High Definition Laser Scanning and 3D modeling technology have had a significant and beneficial impact on our ability to support and execute plant additions, revamp projects, turnarounds and scheduled maintenance activities.

Valdes has executed thousands of high definition scans on multiple projects of varying size and complexity. This laser surveying technique allows our staff to record as-built conditions, map and model facilities, systems, structures, piping, equipment and all existing components in a format that can be integrated into a 3D design model.


  • Pre-design surveys 
  • Topographic maps 
  • Volume studies (i.e. tank dike containments) 
  • Utility Mapping
  • Line & grade measurements 
  • Spool verification 
  • Vessel & equipment surveys 
  • Structural steel surveys 
  • Foundation surveys 
  • Development of as-built drawings


  • Safety is dramatically enhanced through the capture of measurements that otherwise require climbing or scaffold erection to acquire. 
  • Millions of points measured in minutes create a picture from which many different measurements can be extracted. 
  • Data points captured by scanning have a higher accuracy than conventional tape measure and sketch (relative accuracy < ¼" in most cases). 
  • Data obtained is not a dimension, or a coordinate, but a complete picture. New designs are more readily incorporated into an existing facility. 
  • Higher accuracy means shorter shutdown, turnaround or outage durations due to reduced field work.
  • Rework is historically less than 1% when laser scanning has been incorporated with 3D design, resulting in reduced cost and schedule time.


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