Chemical 2 Facility Upgrade


pharmaceutical industry worker

A pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization (CMO) needed to increase its active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) production capacity. However, the client needed to determine the most cost-effective approach and was considering transforming an existing batch fine chemical facility constructed in the 1960s into a bulk API facility.


Valdes helped the client determine the viability of this option and performed relief calculations for 30 process vessels and relief manifold over-pressurization, a facility deflagration remediation code review, a level 3 egress code review and prepared a conceptual facility ventilation plan.


Ultimately, when presented with the findings, the client was able to determine that retrofitting their already existing facility made the most sense for their bottom line when compared to other options. Valdes was proud to provide these services to help their client make an informed decision and save resources.




Project Management

Cost Estimating