Roadway Improvements


The Village of Western Springs, a western suburb of Chicago, needed to resurface various roadways throughout the Village while also replacing and repairing existing infrastructure.


A Valdes team member contributed valuable civil engineering experience to replace the sanitary, storm and water structures requiring coordination with the watermain, sewer installation and other utilities. Pavement and roadway base failures were identified for removal and replacement. Curbs and sidewalks in disrepair were identified for replacement with curbs and gutters that established positive drainage, while curbs and sidewalks were redesigned to meet ADA requirements. The project included topographical survey, engineered site design, and contract documents to bid and execute construction of the improvements.


This detail-oriented work ultimately generated a traffic control plan and specification book and bidding documents in accordance with Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) standards for the project to be bid out to construction contractors.



Laser Scanning & Surveying