Switchyard Upgrade


Power transformer in high voltage switchyard in modern electrical

A client was looking to sell its trigeneration facility and required mechanical and electrical upgrades. Due to the installation of a new upstream substation, options for electrical distribution upgrades to a facility consisting of a steam plant, a chiller plant, and three generating units were necessary. They needed a report and total installed cost (TIC) estimate to approve the project.


Valdes executed the preliminary design work and developed the report and total installed cost estimate for the client to obtain project approval. Valdes later provided detailed engineering to modify the existing electric service substation which included the removal and installation of a new transformer, emergency diesel generator, chillers, new cooling towers and associated pumping.


The detailed engineering provided procurement specifications for equipment and labor and allowed project to be completed on time and under budget. Ultimately, the client was able to achieve its goal of selling the facility soon thereafter.




Cost Estimating