Tank Venting Studies For Tank Turnaround


white tanks for petrol and oil in tank farm

Leading up to a turnaround (TAR), a refinery client needed to validate the venting design for various tanks. The client’s schedule was aggressive to meet the TAR schedule.


Valdes led the validation of the tank’s venting design for the client. If the current design was determined to be sufficient, Valdes updated the relief vent folders. If the current design was found to be insufficient, Valdes specified new relief vents for the tank and created corresponding relief vent folders.


Valdes met the client’s aggressive schedule and the relief vent specifications were provided to the client to coincide with the TAR schedule. The timely project deliverables also maintained the highest levels of safety and quality and ensured that the client was compliant with Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements with respect to tank relief design. Valdes continues to maintain the relief vent folders for this program.