Case Study

Batch Production Facility – Detail Engineering


A Midwestern Titanium producer wanted to revamp their existing continuous facility to build a Batch Production Facility based on their existing pilot plant technology. Some of the existing equipment from their continuous process was reused for this new process. The process utilizes high temperature liquid and gaseous sodium which poses many challenges for the piping design including pipe supports. The challenge was also to integrate the new batch production system with the balance of the existing plant and equipment with the least amount of rework and impact to the existing facilities.


Valdes was retained to perform the front end and detail engineering for the project. 3D laser scanning was utilized to scan and capture the as-built condition of the existing facility and equipment that was to be reused. This information was then turned into a 3D model to determine how the new process unit would fit into the available area.  Valdes utilized their Process, Mechanical, Piping, Pipe Stress, I&E and CSA disciplines to develop a detail design for this new plant. By starting with a laser scanning and 3D design model, it helped to save significant time, money and rework since the 3D model was continuously reviewed with the Client for design improvements throughout the project development life cycle.