Case Study

Site Master Plan


Over the past 10 years, our pharmaceutical client has significantly grown such that its current facilities are stretched to their limits and a significant expansion/site reorganization is necessary to support current operations and projected growth. Our client engaged Valdes to generate a three-to-five-year site master plan that thoughtfully considers the growth of its current site.


Valdes provided Site Master Planning services to our client to generate a plan for the deliberate growth of their site. The master plan discusses both personnel and facility growth while providing several options and associated timing of demolition, renovation, and construction of new facilities. As a means of arriving at plan options, the Valdes planning team met with several client groups to understand current conditions, projected plans, and growth scenarios. That information was synthesized into a programming document which exposed the significant shortfalls in required space for the plant. The square foot shortfall information was then used to determine what opportunities existed for renovation of existing space and construction of new facilities. Each option also provides a phasing plan describing how the option would be executed and details which facilities should be dealt with first.

For each option, a magnitude cost estimate was provided to help the client understand cost implications for each expansion option. The options ranged in magnitude cost from $119M to $146M with completion schedules varying from 49 to 63 months.


The client was able to utilize the Master Plan to integrate required funding requests into their five-year capital budget planning along with realization of costs savings associated with sequential, planned consolidations and operational adjustments which paved the way for the required improvements.