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• Alkylation

• Asphalt Production & Handling

• Bottoms Upgrading

• Cat Cracking

• Chemical Units

• Coke Production, Handling & Calcining

• Compression

• Compressor Stations

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• Dehydration

• Firewater & Fire Protection Systems

• Hydrocracking

• Hydrogen Plants

• Hydroprocessing

• Light Ends Processing

• Liquid hydrocarbon pipelines (including surge analysis)

• Natural Gas Facilities

• Natural Gas Pipelines

• Oil Pipelines

• Pressure filtration

• Product Blending & Metering

• Reforming

• Relief Systems & Flares

• Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

• Separators/Scrubbers

• Sulfur Recovery

• Tank Farms

• Terminals

• Utility Systems

• Vacuum filtration

• Vapor Recovery

• Water & Waste Treatment

Case Study

Glycol Dehydration Unit (GDU) Fuel Gas Reliability Project

Glycol Dehydration Unit (GDU) Fuel Gas Reliability Project

The fuel gas system at a large refinery had experienced numerous problems with leakage and fouling with sludge. A reliability team of experts identified water as a main precursor of corrosion and sludge formation throughout the fuel gas system. It was determined that a Glycol Dehydration Unit (GDU) needed to be installed to treat the fuel gas supplied to all plant-wide users to improve the fuel gas reliability and to maintain the integrity of the existing fuel gas system.

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Flare Header & Knock Out Drum Redesign

Flare Header & Knock Out Drum Redesign

A refinery-wide flare study revealed a substantial deficiency in the capacity of a knock out drum in one of our client’s units. Without sufficient capacity or retention time, there was a threat of liquids being sent to the flare tip or vapors being routed to the facility's slop line in the event of system over-pressurization. The existing knock out drum was located underground, which also reduced the ability to inspect and maintain the system. Any modification needed to be completed within an existing turnaround schedule.

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New Hydrogen (H2) Unit Offsites Installation

New Hydrogen (H2) Unit Offsites Installation

A refinery owner required additional hydrogen to comply with federal specifications to process low sulfur diesel fuel. The refinery owner and a gas supplier contracted to jointly own and operate a hydrogen plant at the refinery. The hydrogen plant needed to be designed and constructed around the refinery's existing conditions to supply the additional hydrogen needed to process the diesel fuel and fulfill federal regulations.

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Installation of New Sour Water Stripper (SWS) Reboiler System

Installation of New Sour Water Stripper (SWS) Reboiler System

A large refinery was in need of a team with the capabilities to execute a fast track project to debottleneck the refinery during gasoline season without compromising safety. The project involved interconnecting piping which included heavy vacuum gas oil (HVGO) from the crude unit to the new sour water stripper (SWS) reboiler in the refinery’s sulfur recovery unit (SRU).

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