Case Study

Glycol Dehydration Unit Detail Design


The fuel gas system at a large Midwestern refinery had experienced numerous problems with leakage and fouling with sludge. A reliability team of experts identified water as a main precursor of corrosion and sludge formation throughout the fuel gas system. It was determined that a Glycol Dehydration Unit (GDU) would be installed to treat the fuel gas supplied to all plant-wide users. The objective of this project was to improve the fuel gas reliability and to maintain the integrity of the existing Fuel Gas System.


Valdes was retained to perform the front-end and detail engineering for the project. 3D laser scanning was utilized to scan and capture the as-built condition of the existing foundations and equipment. This information was then turned into a 3D model to determine how the new process unit would fit into the existing foundation. The 3D design model was also used for the demolition plans, mapping the new equipment and determining the route piping in the existing racks. This was a multi-discipline project that successfully saved the refinery time, money and rework by using the high-definition laser scanning and the 3D design model.