Case Study

New Hydrogen (H2) Unit Offsites Installation


A refinery owner required additional hydrogen to comply with federal specifications to process low sulfur diesel fuel. The refinery owner and a gas supplier contracted to jointly own and operate a hydrogen plant at the refinery. The hydrogen plant needed to be designed and constructed around the refinery's existing conditions to supply the additional hydrogen needed to process the diesel fuel and fulfill federal regulations.


Valdes provided the FEL and Detail Engineering to assist with the infrastructure improvements that were required to support the hydrogen plant, as well as the utility and piping tie-ins necessary to operate the plant.

A few of the deliverables included:
Provision of Procurement services
Development of Plot and Piping Plans, depicting the location of the H2 unit
Above-Ground piping, including piping, steam trace, steam trace manifold, and weld map isometrics, bulk BOM and hanger data sheets
New Pipe Rack to support routing of above-ground piping
Bid specifications for new heat exchangers (natural gas heating & sat gas cooling)
Design of associated electrical systems, including two (2) main 4kV switchgears, including new underground duct banks and two (2) new step-down transformers
Instrumentation design, including flow, pressure and temperature measurements and new control valve station
Detailed installation scopes of work to govern the trade labor activities for this project.

Valdes was able to overcome significant unknown, site-specific factors and complete the detail engineering services on schedule to allow construction to begin on-time and ultimately devoted ~20,000 manhours to achieve this effort.


Despite this project presenting with various challenges, especially many unknowns regarding site-specific factors, Valdes was able to assess the existing conditions and complete the detail engineering services on schedule which allowed construction to begin on-time. Over the course of the project, the Valdes team devoted 20,000 hours to deliver the design needed to help the client meet federal requirements.