Case Study

Switchgear Replacement Study and Implementation


The units and switchgear for our client’s power plant had been in service for over 60 years. Our client wanted to install upgrades to the 4kV switchgear as they were nearing their end of life and were presenting reliability concerns.


Valdes prepared a study to include three different options for our client. Valdes prepared specifications for the switchgear and related hardware. The packages were issued for budgetary bids and total installed cost (TIC) estimates were prepared for two of the options. Valdes submitted a report with the results to client for review and final for internal use in obtaining project approval and funding. To support the TIC Estimates, Valdes also provided the following documents:

  • Revised single line diagram and typical three line diagrams
  • Conceptual general arrangement of switchgear and typical switchgear door layouts
  • Specification for switchgear replacement breakers and bus rerating to obtain quotes
  • Specification for switchgear replacement doors with new relays to obtain quotes
  • Cost estimate (+/- 10% accuracy) for the total project itemizing engineering, equipment, construction, commissioning costs, and spare parts
  • Project schedule including time for detailed engineering, procurement, pre-outage work, construction and commissioning


The results from this study were used as a cost-effective starting point for switchgear upgrades on five additional units for our client. Valdes was awarded and performed the detailed engineering for the switchgear replacement on a total of five units for our client.