Boundary and Control Survey


rebar boundary

An industrial client desired a unique plant grid/coordinate system for design and construction reference. In addition, the boundary line limits of the plant were unknown and needed to be established for future planning and expansion.


Valdes established land boundaries and generated a horizontal/vertical control network. Survey staff completed the following steps in order to exceed client needs: Met with the client to discuss control monument type/locations and the basis of “plant north” for the local coordinate system Completed a survey traverse throughout the plant to establish accurate positions of 20 permanent control monuments Completed extensive research on approximately 13 parcels that made up the entire site in order to locate and record the locations of boundary corner monuments Established boundary line locations and set missing corner monuments


Valdes’ efforts resulted in an accurate control network for the plant for future design and construction needs. In addition, survey plats were drafted displaying the results of each survey. Boundary line limits were referenced to the control network to further preserve the boundary line limits established.