Construction Assistance and Equipment Layout


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A refining client was swapping out large pieces of equipment in a congested area during a turnaround. Each piece of equipment had unique slopes and connection points that had to be maintained after construction. Additionally, once the equipment was shut down, it contracted and shifted due to temperature changes further complicating its extraction and replacement.


Valdes survey staff completed the following steps to correctly position new equipment at the site: -Performed 3D scans of the project area and recorded key anchor points and positions of the equipment while running. -Established an accurate control network to be used and referenced during construction. -Revisited the site after equipment was shut down to document “cold” positions and any delta values from the running positions. -Marked key locations and elevations for the proposed foundations and equipment based off the prior, recorded positions.


Valdes’ ability to accurately document key locations and reestablish them at a later date resulted in an efficient construction process. This attention to detail ensured that equipment was returned to the original positions once running, resulting in its proper functioning.