Coke Drum Inspection


Stainless tanks and pipeline for liquid chemical industrial on sky background

A refining client needed to inspect the operating condition of six coke drums during the site turnaround. The drums being inspected were 80-feet tall and posed safety challenges to traditional methods for collecting as-is conditions.


Valdes provided a safe solution to the client's dilemma of how to quickly inspect these six coke drums. A Valdes survey crew visited the site equipped with a 3D scanner and 360-degree camera to complete the following steps: - Performed 3D scans while accessing the top and bottom of each drum. An extendable tripod allowed scans up to 20 feet in height/depth. -Recorded videos while accessing the top of each drum using a 360-degree camera equipped with a light. A wench-style tripod allowed the entire drum to be captured in one, continuous video. -Downloaded video data immediately after the completion of work so the client could review the footage and check for rust, cracks, etc. -Registered 3D scan data into point cloud files for each drum. The files were used to check for roundness, drum diameters, and any other features related to the shape.


Valdes’ approach provided a safe and fast way to collect the requested information in the high-resolution format needed to conduct detailed measurements. Most importantly, the tools and approach removed the need to put workers in unsafe conditions, such as confined space entry and working from heights.


Laser Scanning & Surveying