Control Survey


control survey control point list

A client took over an existing plant which required a large amount of redesign work. There were markings at the plant that showed evidence of a plant grid system, however, no drawings could be found indicating monument locations and coordinates. They were in need of a unified network of survey control to align future design and construction goals.


Valdes survey crews visited the plant and completed the following work in order to re-establish the control network: Carried out a survey traverse around the entire plant to collect positions of monuments and key column lines Set permanent survey monuments to be referenced and remain intact for future use Use GPS to establish state plane coordinates for plant monuments in addition to the plant grid Verify and establish the plant elevations of control points


Valdes helped the client recreate and understand an already pre-established plant grid system in a plant they had recently acquired. These efforts resulted in a clear and concise control survey that can be documented by the client and provided to any design or survey firm to assure the alignment of future design and construction on the site.


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