Laboratory Programming/Conceptual Design


laboratory programming conceptual design

A client operates a bulk fine chemical and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) contract manufacturing facility. They had an immediate need to expand their Quality Control (QC), Analytical Development (AD), and Chemical Development (CD) laboratory facilities within the existing building area with minimal or no interruption to laboratory services.


Valdes facilitated a kick-off meeting and several programming meetings with the client’s QC, AD and CD representatives and also assessed the existing conditions and document required work of spaces where the client planned to expand the laboratories. From these meetings, Valdes generated a detailed programming document describing each area and their specific spaces and adjacencies along with a definition of laboratory growth over the next three years.


IMPACT: Once programming was complete, the design team generated several laboratory layout options for client staff to review and evaluate. Through an iterative process, Valdes refined the floor plan options ultimately focusing in on the most efficient plan for the users. The next step is to move further into the design process and add more definition to the plans, further defining systems which will serve the laboratories.