LPG Cavern Study


LPG Cavern study

A client in the Oil & Gas industry has a large underground storage of natural gas. Due to the storage area's close proximity to aboveground storage tanks and the risk of the tanks settling, the client annually needs to know of any changes in elevation of multiple permanent field monuments alerting them to potential ground settling above the storage cavern.


Using a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver and survey equipment, Valdes recorded monument elevations above the underground cavern to ensure that there have been no major changes. The survey team compiled survey data related to their site coordinate system and referenced existing monuments to document the rate of elevation change. The data was added to a PDF drawing to document the annual findings.


Valdes provided the client with the peace of mind that, currently, the tanks' bolted and welded connections are not under stress or risk of leaks or rupture.