Topographic Survey


vec topo

A large global private client needed to keep up with increasing product demand at one of their facilities by adding on to existing buildings. However, the existing facility was congested and contained multiple underground utilities. These utilities and other existing conditions needed to be carefully understood and considered when planning for the new construction.


Valdes quickly responded to their client's immediate need for the site to be accurately surveyed in anticipation of the new construction. Valdes survey crews visited the plant and completed a topographic survey which included carrying out a control traverse around the sites to ensure overall accuracy and tie into key monuments. The crew collected existing improvements, ground elevations (grid), and markings made by ground penetrating radar (others) which tracked the underground utility locations. They then established permanent control points and benchmarks in each survey area to be utilized during construction. Finally, they prepared a draft survey including contour lines, permanent structures, and underground utility locations to be utilized in preparing to break ground on the new building expansion.


Valdes provided a detailed deliverable to the client so that the additions to the building could be designed and any issues and delays stemming from the congestion and underground utilities minimized during construction. The survey was prepared on a specific coordinate system so that it can be understood within the context of other information, such as 3D scan data and aerial LiDAR data. This deliverable will not only immediately guide new construction, but will be a resource for the client for future projects as well.


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