UAS Survey Mapping


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A solar energy client required a solar panel design on a large rooftop. The rooftop was approximately 60 feet tall and spanned over 1,000 feet in one direction (3.5 acres) while generating 1 MW of renewable energy. The client needed an efficient and safe method of capturing the existing conditions on the roof to prepare for design work.


The Valdes survey crew visited the site equipped with an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) and a flight plan that ensured the safety of all site personnel. The team completed an automated flight capturing hundreds of images of the rooftop from varying angles which were then loaded into the photogrammetry software. The software combined the images into a unified image and a 3D point cloud. With these results a 2D CAD drawing was created to be used for design applications that displayed the characteristics of the rooftop and obstructions.


The Valdes team’s UAS knowledge and experience provided the client with an efficient and safe approach to completing the project. The UAS allowed data collection without putting workers in unsafe conditions at heights. In addition, this efficient approach limited the amount of time required on site which reduced the delays to client operations.


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