HVAC And Roof Replacement


East Moline Correctional facility

A public sector correctional facility client in the Illinois Capital Development Board portfolio had been experiencing various issues with its heating and cooling systems that were affecting the temperature regulation of both housing and communal spaces. Various systems, including the air handling units (AHUs), chillers, cooling towers, and boiler were past their anticipated service life and experiencing maintenance issues. The facility needed these issues addressed immediately considering they were housing people around the clock.


Valdes assessed the existing conditions of the various systems in a comprehensive approach and delivered specifications and design for the installation of new heating and cooling systems. The AHUs were all constant volume with fixed amounts of outside air. In some cases, the amount of outside air was insufficient and contributed to negative building pressure. The existing chiller units were absorption style units utilizing lithium bromide chemicals and finding replacement parts for normal maintenance was becoming a challenge. Additionally, the cooling tower was in an advanced state of disrepair and decay and the campus boiler system had experienced boiler failure among other persistent problems. The softened water system feeding the water-tube boilers had been de-commissioned as well. These systems were considered together as well as damage to the roof structure resulting from poor temperature control and a comprehensive design was delivered.


The new HVAC systems for the correctional facility will include high efficiency chillers, refurbishment of the boiler make-up water system, replacement of AHUs and upgrades to system controls where applicable to provide more system reliability and a more energy efficient operation. Installing a system that correctly regulates temperatures will also help protect important building infrastructure.